Anti-gold reagent "Ace Ax"

The company "chemical rich" is a de-icing agent "Ace Axe" - innovative products, created by specialists of our lab. As the basic constituent elements of the reagent we use a synergistic blend of acetates and chlorides, which ensures its high efficiency.

"Chemical rich" is a quality anti-icing agents wholesale and retail with operative delivery to the required destination. Request a callback on our website and our managers will soon contact You to answer all the questions.

The price of de-icing agent "Ace Axe"

A de-icing agent (liquid 50% acetate) ACE AXE FLY
46,65 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -10oC (big bag 1000kg)
12,90 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -10oC (20 kg bag)
13,50 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -15oC (big bag 1000kg)
14,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -15oC (20 kg bag)
13,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -20oC (big bag 1000kg)
15,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -20oC (20 kg bag)
16,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -25oC (big bag 1000kg)
17,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -25oC (20 kg bag)
18,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -5oC (big bag 1000kg)
11,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -5oC (20 kg bag)
11,00 RUB/kg

Liquid reagent: the advantages of an innovative product

The price of liquid de-icing agent in our company available, because we are the direct manufacturer and offer their products without intermediary margins.

Liquid reagent "Ace Axe" has the best efficiency compared to dry material:

  • Able to eliminate the ice for 5 minutes.
  • The reagent effectively melts ice at temperatures up to –30 ? C, and new ice will be formed within 5 days.
  • The product includes modern anti-corrosion additives.
  • With high efficiency against icing, the reagent does not destroy the road surface.
  • Available in the composition of the liquid product cryoprotectants can protect the asphalt coating from the formation of crystals of solid ice. This enables to prevent occurrence of cracks.
  • The reagent is able to reduce the adhesion of ice and snow to the road surface even under freezing below –30 ° C. This gives you the opportunity to make more simple and fast cleaning of the territory under snowdrifts.
  • The product is completely biodegradable, does not contain harmful toxic substances, and has environmental friendliness and safety.

The reagent is intended for the used to combat icy roads on airfields by spraying liquid reagent.

The reagent consumption is between 30 – 80 ml / m2 depending on weather conditions.

Store deicing materials must be in closed, dry rooms in plastic, steel or other barrels with special coating.

Distinctive features:

  • high the concentration of active component is 50% Potassium Acetate,
  • the duration of action of the reagent, 6-8 days,

Increased melting capacity due to the high concentration and the exothermic nature of the reactions in the process.

Corrosive reagent for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, also on concrete pavement at the level of the distilled water.

Indicators of quality de-icing agent "Ace Axe-Fly"

Name of the indicator The norm
Mass fraction of soluble salts, % (concentration), not less 49-51
The temperature of crystallization, °C, -58
Hydrogen index, units (pH) 5-9
Dynamic viscosity, centipoise (kg · s)/m2, not more 5
Melting capacity, g/g, not less 2,5-2,7
The coefficient of adhesion after removal of products of destruction of ice formation and prevention of ice formation 85%
Specific effective activity of natural radionuclides, BK/kg, not more:
for roads and streets in settlements
for the non-urban roads
Density, g/cm3 1,27-1,31
Indicator of cement concrete aggressiveness, %, not more 0,2
Corrosion activity of steel (St3), mg/cm2 · day, no more 0,1

Dry agent

We can buy a de-icing agent of the different varieties – both liquid and dry, which is even more reasonable cost. Depending on Your needs, specific work objectives and our managers will help to choose the best products.

The price of de-icing agent depends on its type and operational characteristics, which predI guess different conditions of product use.

The dry reagent is optimal for use on large areas. It has lower cost compared to the liquid product, and at the same time demonstrates high efficiency. The advantages of a dry reagent – ability to quickly dry up, ease of use, environmental friendliness.

If You want to buy a de-icing reagents in Moscow, please contact our production company, "chemical rich". We guarantee affordable prices and high quality of innovative products of our own design, which have certificates of conformity. We work not only in the capital region, but throughout Russia and in neighboring countries.

The certificate of de-icing agent

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