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Liquid reagent "Ace Axe"

A de-icing agent "Ace Axe" is a new product developed by our laboratory.

This new innovative de-icing agents based on the synergistic mixtures of chlorides and acetates , which is mainly used at airports and is considered the best to date, deicing agent , but most consumers are unable to buy it due to high cost.

We were able to make it available for General consumption while raising its quality.

The price of liquid de-icing agent "Ace Axe"

A de-icing agent (liquid 50% acetate) ACE AXE FLY from 500 kg
A de-icing agent (liquid 50% acetate) ACE AXE FLY up to 500 kg

47,74 RUB/kg
57,00 RUB/kg


Unlike the dry reagent, the liquid reagent "Ace Axe" covers evenly the surface not allowing to form ice thus preventing the appearance of non-melted pieces of ice , which grow and can lead to road traffic accidents and broken asphalt concrete pavements.

Thanks to a liquid reagent "Ace Axe" missing 5 minutes to remove the ice.

  • The ability to melt ice up to - 45 0With not allowing the formation of new ice up to 5 days.
  • In the reagent composition is added designed and synthesized a highly innovative anti-corrosion additives, in this regard, anti corrosion on all counts of 0.01.
  • Has the properties of not damaging the road surface.
  • Due to the presence of cryoprotectant reagent prevents the formation of crystals of solid ice, which prevents cracking of the asphalt-concrete coating.
  • Even at temperaturesAh much below 45 0With strongly reduces the adhesion of ice and snow to the road surface which facilitates and accelerates cleaning when snow drifts.
  • Completely environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable, unlike their foreign counterparts does not contain ferrocyanides, phosphates and fluorides.
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