Dry agent "Ace Axe"

"Multi-component deicing product ACE AXE" is one of the cheapest but effective anti-icing agents. If we consider the ratio of price and quality, it is the "multi-component deicing product ACE AXE" is the most cost-effective reagent, in comparison with other manufacturers.

Prices of dry de-icing agent "Ace Axe"

A de-icing agent ACE AXE -10oC (big bag 1000kg)
12,90 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -10oC (20 kg bag)
13,50 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -15oC (big bag 1000kg)
14,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -15oC (20 kg bag)
13,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -20oC (big bag 1000kg)
15,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -20oC (20 kg bag)
16,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -25oC (big bag 1000kg)
17,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -25oC (20 kg bag)
18,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -5oC (big bag 1000kg)
11,00 RUB/kg
A de-icing agent ACE AXE -5oC (20 kg bag)
11,00 RUB/kg

Purpose and scope:

Medication for regular treatment in the winter by machine and manually icy road surfaces, yards and streets, parks and Parking lots, sidewalks and walkways, stair approaches and ramps by hand and by machine, as well as areas, exit and entrance areas of catering, shopping and business centers, medical, educational, scientific, financial and other institutions, sports and cultural facilities, industrial enterprises, hotels and stations, houses, and services of housing and communal services allows to reduce the application of old methods of snow removal with a crowbar and a shovel. It is recommended that when t is not lower than -20°C to prevent ice formation and to remove it.


"Multi-component deicing product ACE AXE" the name Itself tells about the multicomponent nature of the granular composition of the neutral ready-to-use white - gray long-acting drug. It is composed of substances such as calcium chloride, sodium chloride and special additives help to reduce the impact of chemicals on metal fencing and car bodies. Part calcium chloride will instantly react with the ice, breaking his grip and freezing. Sodium chloride, as it has a larger dissolution time, allows to increase time of action of the reagent on the snow, does not contain toxic and corrosive substances, does not form them on the air and in wastewater. Effective against ice and snow on asphalt, pavement, concrete and other surfaces in the interval t from 0 to -20°C. Penetrates the ice layer, breaking connections within ice, and between ice and the surface. Speed 15-120 min. does Not cause corrosion of concrete (over 1 year) of surfaces. Leaves no residue after cleaning. At recommended concentrations, safe for greenery. Sparingly used. Fire and explosion proof. Effective when applied before snowfall or a sudden drop in temperature.

Method of application:

1. To prevent the formation of ice: apply before snowfall, evenly distributed over areadi free of snow and ice surface preparation:


Temperature range

from 0 to -4°C

from -5 to -8°C

from -9 to -12°C

from -13 to -16°C

from -17 to -20°C

Flow rate, g/m2






Falling snow will melt before the end of the health of the reagent.

2. To remove ice: clean the surface of loose snow! After stirring snow-ice mass, the wheels of the car and remove the moist snow plows-mud slurry from the roadway to apply the drug, the removal of residual ice formations from the calculation:

The thickness of the ice

Temperature range

0/ -2°C






up to 2 mm

15 g/m2

20 g/m2

25 g/m2

30 g/m2

50 g/m2

70 g/m2

3-5 mm

30 g/m2

40 g/m2

50 g/m2

70 g/m2

100* g/m2

150* g/m2

*The total number of two-phase treatment is ice.

Main features:

Composition: compounds of sodium and calcium corrosion inhibitors.

PH: 7,5±0,5


Use rubber gloves and overalls. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water, if necessary consult a doctor. Not to leave the powder open to the air between uses!


Keep the preparation in its original package tightly closed in a dry dark, inaccessible to children and animals place when t is from -20 to 20°C and away from food and feed. To prevent exposure to direct sunlight, heat and moisture! HYGROSCOPIC!!!

Warranty period: 36 months from date of manufacture (at observance of conditions of transportation and storage).

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