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Bitumen impregnation "carbon"

The company "chemical rich" offers to buy bitumen impregnation "carbon", designed to repair cracks asphalt of the roadway and its treatment in order to prevent destruction.

We are the direct manufacturer, so we offer our customers the best prices on bituminous impregnation, which meets all modern standards of quality.

Emulsion "carbon" perfectly penetrates into the pores of asphalt pavement and has the ability to quick drying. This will allow in the shortest possible time to carry out the repair work of the roadway.

The price of bitumen impregnation "carbon"

Impregnation "carbon V" (a bucket 30 kg) 300 kg
Impregnation "carbon V" (a bucket 30 kg) up to 300 kg

94,62 RUB/kg
The 99.35 RUB/kg


Emulsion "Carbon - V"

159,05 RUB/kg


Species impregnation

We present two forms of bituminous impregnation "carbon":

  • Water-bitumen emulsion (carbon-In).

Water-bitumen emulsion

You can buy bitumen impregnation "carbon" which is intended for making the device thin layers of coatings on asphalt surfaces.

This type of impregnation ensures:

  • the water resistance of the road surface;
  • the required surface roughness;
  • wear resistance and durability.

Impregnation can be used in the repair coating at station platforms, runways of airfields, taxiways, etc.

The stages of repair work

  • Preparation of the proposed place of repair of the roadway. Remove surface dust and dirt.
  • The application of bitumen impregnation technique of loading with the subsequent level the surface with a spatula. The consumption of impregnation when applied to the surface of the roadway with a thickness of 2 mm is 0.8 kg/m2.
  • The primary setting is 20 minutes. Time to dry is 10 hours at a temperature from 0 to +22 ? C and a relative humidity of 60%.

The price of bitumen impregnation you can find in the section "Price list" or contact our managers by contact phones specified on the website. You can ask any questions You have and get more advice.

We provide customers quality certificates for impregnation, the production of which is carried out on high-tech equipment. In the manufacture we orientirueshsya on the latest global trends in the production of road materials.

We sell bitumen impregnation in Moscow and regions of Russia on favorable terms with convenient and prompt delivery.

A certificate of impregnation "carbon"

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