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Crushed stone

The company "chemical rich" offers to purchase crushed stone in bulk on favourable terms, with prompt delivery in Moscow and in any region of Russia and neighboring countries. Price for gravel cars are very affordable, which allows our customers significant savings when ordering wholesale party products that meet the exacting standards of quality.

Prices on crushed marble

Marble gravel (3-5 mm) big-bag of 1000 kg
Marble gravel (3-5 mm) in bags up to 1000 kg

5,30 RUB/kg
Of 6.73 RUB/kg


Marble gravel (3-5 mm) 25 kg bag 1000 kg
Marble gravel (3-5 mm) bag 25 kg to 1000 kg

Of 7.43 RUB/kg
8 and 18 RUB./kg


Types of crushed stone

There are several basic types of gravel, each of which has its own properties and characteristics:

  • Granite. The material is produced by explosion of the granite. Part of this rubble are mica, quartz, feldspar. Granite variety is the most solid gravel with a coefficient of strength M1000-M1600. The advantages of this material – high resistance to low temperatures. Operational characteristics of the material make it the most demanded in various industries and fields. Compared to other varieties of crushed stone, granite material is more cost.
  • Gravel. This kind of material can have different origins – to be river or sea, glacier, mountain or lake. The advantages of gravel include crushed stone high environmental friendliness and low background radiation. This material is also distinguished by an optimal ratio between cost and performance. Graviany crushed stone less durable than granite, but more solid compared to lime.
  • Lime. Affordable material which is the result of processing of limestone – sedimentary rocks. This material is fragile, but is highly resistant to changes in temperature.

Fraction of rubble and scope

The crushed stone is a versatile material that has found wide application in the construction industry, and is widely used municipal and road services. Where exactly to apply the material depends on its type, fraction and physico-chemical properties.

You can choose any kind of material and by rubble from the manufacturer at an attractive price.

Each variety may vary from different size particles, depending on what the gravel is divided into several factions:

  • To 5 mm screenings. You can read part of the Foundation of roads and sidewalks.
  • 5-20 mm. is Used as a component in the manufacture of asphalt pavement and concrete production.
  • 20-40 mm Crushed rock the average fraction of optimum for laying railway lines, used in the manufacture of concrete and in laying the Foundation.
  • 40-70 mm. Material coarse fraction is usually used where required large amounts of construction – often in the construction of industrial buildings.

Price of crushed stone in bulk will depend on the varieties of material, size fractions, and the magnitude of wholesale party. Cooperating with our company "rich kemikl", You get the opportunity to buy crushed cars from the manufacturer at below market prices. When ordering crushed cars, You can count on wholesale discounts.

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