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The application of vertical and horizontal marking on roads, highways, highway

When the marking on public roads, it is very important to follow exactly. any deviation can lead to emergency situations. Our company has all the necessary permits and extensive experience of marking a thermoplastic on existing roads, highways, interchanges and overpasses. Road markings can be both permanent and temporary, Permanent road markings are often applied white paint, or use a special material of reflective polymers. Temporary road markings may be applied bright, eye-catching colors (red, yellow or orange) – this markup is applied in connection with renovations and indicates that a constant markup is temporarily invalid.

Horizontal road markings on the road surface and the vertical on the supports of the overpasses, curbs and other obstacles, the need of selection. Often, when a vertical layout is used the third color is black, and in some cases curbs are painted alternating yellow or green.

On the roadway there are various objects and items. Each of them installed or is not just, and necessary for certain goals. No exception and road markings. It regulates the movement of cars and makes it safer.

Applied items with paint or thermoplastic on the road are very common and presented in different forms. They look different, and each variant is designed to regulate traffic flow or to limit in any situation. However, in PDD indicated only 2 types of layout: Horizontal. It is applied directly on the road and are represented by lines, arrows, inscriptions. Such type necessary to set the order dviginia, and sometimes constraints; Vertical one. It is usually used on poles and other structures on the road. Such markings are designed to protect drivers from possible dangers, as some objects are not visible at night, and with it the dimensions become clear. Most often this type looks like a combination of alternating retro-reflective black and white stripes.

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