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The layout of the Parking lots


The company "rich kemikl" provides services for road markings on Parking lots, underground Parking lots, roads and warehouses, sports venues:

The markup paid Parking

Road markings is an essential element in the organization of modern Parking lots, it allows to organize a movement around the Parking lot and make effective use of Parking space. The layout of paid Parking is not only efficiency, visual aesthetics, but also the requirement of regulatory documents.

The markings in the Parking lot

Mainly used 2 the method of marking of Parking: road markings paint markings Parking cold plastic. To make the markup visibility in the dark use the so-called retro-reflective markings. Some believe that this effect gives a retro-reflective paint, although it is not. The light reflected from the marking is achieved by the application of cold plastic road paint or special glass bead container.

To order the application of road markings

you can in our organization, making a request by mail info@richchemical.ruor by phone +7 (495) 792 42 19

The company "rich kemikl" On Russia- provides a full range of services in road marking from the creation of the project of road traffic organization for the period of operation (PODD), to wrap the sketch on the pad and the marking of various materials and methods.

Specialists of the company owned almost all modern technologies of application of striping materials and will prepare an individual Tokommercheskoe offer based on the specific situation, taking into account the tasks.

Hand application cold plastic, or markings Terterritory mechanized way with the help of a professional marking equipment airless spraying of paint, marking and numbering of Parking spaces, direction arrows of movement and navigation, pedestrian crossings, places for people with disabilities, fluorescent light green - black vertical marking poles and pillars of the underground Parking, restoration of the epoxy marking to the polymeric floors, complex, and multi-color image, and if necessary will do all that reflective!

Marking Parking spaces

It is important to note that Parking spaces are of two types: standard and Parking place for the disabled. Different width - standard 2,3-2,5 / 5m for persons with disabilities 3.6 or 5m. Usually for marking out Parking spaces using traffic paint or cold plastic. Thermoplastic as the material for the application is rarely used because the application is large-sized equipment.Marking Parking spaces on a road network, also includes a semi-circular layout, it is applied before and after the passage separating the Parking spaces for convenient vehicle on the road. Parking on semicircular marking is prohibited.

The layout of the Parking

For marking on the covered parkings often use several types of materials, and as a consequence ways of drawing. Road paint - airless spray specialized equipment. Cold plastic - manual application. Polyurethane paint - airless spray or roller. Epoxy paint - manual application. When working with these materials in underground or multi-storey car Park it is important to observe the following conditions:

The room should be well ventilated with a good ventilacia;

Surface must be clean from dirt, oil stains and dust;

Deallocate the Parking lot of cars. It is possible to apply small patches.

Marking paint Parking

Company OOO "Parus-MSK" delivers high-quality paint for marking Parking lots. Asphalt, concrete, pingova or polymer coating will select the most suitable material for marking with all the requirements at the lowest price. We are the official representatives of the specialized paints and polymers for road marking the European and Turkish origin.

Parking markings

The company operates in Moscow and the Moscow region and provides a guarantee on all work. Road markings can also be divided into Vertical markings (Applied on vertical surfaces and not on the road surface and serves as a warning to drivers about dangerous sections) and Horizontal (applied to the pavement and serves to ensure the safety of traffic). There is also a concept of Temporary markings (Applied on the repaired road sections and specifies the detour, usually orange, yellow or red)

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