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Road bitumen emulsion "FF"

Эмульсия «FF»The company "chemical rich" produces and sells road bitumen emulsion for the manufacture of high-quality cold asphalt. Emulsion FF is an innovative product, developed at our laboratory and manufactured with careful quality control. The product has no analogues in Russia and in neighboring countries, and the composition of the emulsion FF patent-protected.

Where is it used?

Road bitumen emulsion is optimum for the manufacture of asphalt that can be used in the following cases:

  • works on repair of wells and water intake grating;
  • patching and emergency repairs of sidewalks and roads;
  • alignment of the rut roadway;
  • the construction of Parking lots;
  • repair of Skirtings and access to the garages and Parking lots;
  • repair of viaducts in the conditions of difficult transport accessibility.

The price of bitumen emulsion "FF"

Emulsion FF (barrel 180 kg)

183,80 RUB/kg


Product advantages

  • Road bitumen emulsion "FF" does not need heating – it saves time, labor and material costs.
  • To manufacture the cold asphalt "First Fast" using the "FF" is very simple: just mix the emulsion with the asphalt baby concrete mixer, or any manually, mechanically for 1-2 min.
  • The emulsion flow rate in relation to asphalt crochecoy is 2%.
  • In the manufacture of asphalt is used only 2 component emulsion FF and asphalt crumb – no need to buy gravel, which provides more opportunity to save.
  • During storage the Emulsion does not separate FF. Shelf life more than 2 years.
  • Finished laying cold asphalt emulsion FF can be extended to -20?C.

The abovementioned advantages significantly reduce the cost of the cold asphalt product, "FF" compared to hot asphalt, produced by asphalt plants.

Product properties

  • The amount of binder emulsifier – 20-50% is the ratio of the mass.
  • Viscosity at t 20 ° C is from 20 to 40.
  • Residue on the sieve – 0,20

The cost of emulsion and method of ordering

The price of bituminous emulsions are available, as making an order "chemical rich", You cooperate with direct manufacturer of a unique product. To place your order, leave your phone in a special form – our experienced managers in the near future will contact You to confirm delivery details and answer all your questions.

We can buy bitumen emulsion in Moscow or any other settlement on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. We guarantee high product quality, which is confirmed by certificate of conformity to current Standards.

Buy road bitumen emulsion in wholesale shipments and retail. The tariffs for wholesale customers may be reduced in accordance with the system of discounts which will give the opportunity to buy unparalleled product for a very reasonable price. We are focused on long-term cooperation with individuals and legal entities, and we invite you to mutually beneficial partnership of dealers and regional representatives.

Certificate Emulsion "FF"

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