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Cold asphalt in bags of 30 kg


The company "chemical rich" offers to enjoy a cold asphalt in bags of 30 kg, which is a quick and effective restoration of the roadway.

Our company is a manufacturer of innovative material "First Fast", which is manufactured using the milled asphalt pavement.

Prices on cold asphalt "First Fast" in bags of 30 kg

Big Bag 1000 kg
6,90 RUB
Cold asphalt "First Fast" (bag of 30 kg)
207,00 RUB


Cold asphalt of 30 kg – an excellent opportunity to arrange supplies of the material at any desired party in accordance with Your needs.

This pavement is designed for:

  • local repair asphalt pavement area up to 6 m2 (perfectly eliminates cracks, holes, unevenness and other defects of the road surface);
  • asphalting small areas adjacent to the house territory without the use of expensive special equipment.

The advantages of the material

We haveyou can buy cold asphalt 30 kg made from innovative emulsion "FF".

Among the advantages of cold asphalt First Fast:

  • Increased strength, durability and longevity compared to other cold asphalts.
  • The device cover is made using the plate and light ramming the wheels of cars – no need to use expensive special equipment. This will open the traffic on the repaired section of the road in the shortest possible time.
  • Repair or asphalt can be made in any weather and any time of the year, as the components of the emulsion have a high performance. They are not afraid of moisture, which allows laying even on a rainy day. Have frost – lay material even at temperatures below –25?C.
  • Cold asphalt in bags of 30 kg is in loose condition and does not require any additional preparation before use.

Prices on cold asphalt 30 kg affordable and competitive because You can buy materials without middleman markups. You can find them in the section "Price list", but the final cost will be calculated by our managers when discussing terms of delivery in Moscow and other regions. We carry out operative delivery across Russia and the near abroad, and when ordering a flexible system of discounts.

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