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Cold asphalt in bags of 50 kg


The company "chemical rich" offers to buy cold asphalt 50 kg, which is made from an innovative emulsion "FF" and asphalt crumbs. We guarantee the high quality of the material, which can be ordered not only in Moscow but also throughout Russia and even in neighboring countries.

We are the direct manufacturer and offer cold asphalt in bags of 50 kg on favorable terms.

Prices on cold asphalt "First Fast" in bags of 50 kg

Big Bag 1000 kg
6,90 RUB
Cold asphalt "First Fast" (bag 50 kg)
345,00 RUB

Where is it used?

Cold asphalt in bags of 50 kg can be purchased in the following cases:

  • You need a local repair of asphalt pavement. This material effectively eliminates a variety of road surface defects – single and multiple cracks, bumps, pits. The recommended depth of the defect of the coating is from 0.003 meters.
  • Cold asphalt 50 kg can be purchased for asphalting small areas in front of the house.

The advantages of the material

  • High durability and stability. Repaired coverage for a long time will not be deformed.
  • Cold asphalt is very easy to use and does not require expensive special equipment. The coating is poured on a clean problem section of road, followed by light compaction using vibratory plate. To open a section of the road will be in the shortest possible time – right after the renovations. Additional compaction will be performed by the wheels of passing cars.
  • Apply cold asphalt is possible without any additional preparations. In the bags it is in loose condition.
  • To carry out repairs even in the rain (the coating has moisture resistance), and even at low temperatures. Thus, the use of cold asphalt will have reference to the time of year and weather conditions.
  • The shelf life of the material in the bags is more than 1 year depending on temperature and type of storage.

To know the price of cold asphalt 50 kg You can contact our managers listed on the website contact numbers. Our experienced professionals will be glad to answer all your questions and will calculate the cost of Your order. We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial partnership, we maintain a policy of flexible pricing, providing the customers with nice discounts.

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