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Kaprolon Black
Kaprolon in color

Of 480.00 p/kg.
Of 530.00 p/kg.


Sheet kaprolon Black 1000х1000х40 (46 kg)

22100,00 R.



Kaprolon (polyamide-6 block, PA-6 block) - structural polymer having good sliding properties and being an insulator.

Durable, works perfectly in friction pairs. Has high fatigue resistance. Kaprolon widely used in machinery, shipbuilding as bearings, gears, bushings, shafts, rollers, etc.
Kaprolon is lighter than steel more than 6 times, so its use greatly facilitates the design. Products from caprolon replace bronze, brass, babbit.

Kaprolon combines high mechanical strength with elasticity in a wide temperature range. Products from caprolon eosinophilia, as well as in fuels and lubricating fluids, in seawater, organic solvents, alcohols, alkalis and dilute acids.

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