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Paint for road marking AK-511 White 88 p/kg. Order
Paint for road marking AK-511 Yellow 88 p/kg. Order
Paint for road marking AK-511 Red 92 p/kg. Order
Paint for road marking AK-511 Black 90 p/kg. Order
Paint for road marking AK-511 Orange 88 p/kg. Order


Paint for road marking AK-511 is designed for application of road markings on cement concrete and asphalt pavement. It odnoprovodnoi material that is a suspension of extenders and pigments in solution of acrylic copolymer. In order to empower markup reflective properties of a complete enamel can be used glass microspheres. Paint AK-511 has a high level of resistance to abrasion. Withstands abrupt temperature changes, exposure to chemical reagents, is not damaged during snow clearing work.

- Acrylic road enamel AK-511 forms a coating that meets the basic requirements for road-marking materials in accordance GOST R 52575-2006;
- The coating formed enamel AK-511, persistent in conditions of temperate continental climate to the effects of water, gasoline, salt solutions;
Enamel AK-511-tech can be applied without dilution by various methods, dries quickly;
Enamel AK-511 use with retroreflective glass microbeads, which significantly improves the functional properties of road markings.

Acrylic road enamel AK-511 refers to the enamel with your specialagreeing with it on asphalt and concrete road surface cause the appropriate markup. Enamel AK-511 meets the basic requirements for road-marking materials in accordance GOST R 52575-2006 "highway. Materials for road markings. Technical requirements" is fast — drying, high light fastness and brightness factor to ensure good visibility at any time of the day, excellent adhesion, good abrasion resistance, resistance to water, gasoline, chemicals, including salt. Also enamel AK-511 used with reflective glass beads, making road markings takes on a reflective property, becomes visible for drivers not only that at any time of day, but under different weather conditions. The effect "glow" markings with retroreflective glass microspheres significantly increases the informativity for the driver and reduces the number of accidents on the roads.

Warranty period of storage enamel - 6 months from date of manufacture.
Enamel AK-511 stored in tightly closed containers, protected from moisture, heat and direct sunlight at temperatures from minus 40 OC to +40 OC.
Composition: Enamel AK-511 is a suspension of pigments and fillers in the acrylic copolymer with the introduction of various modifying additives.


The generated coating Smooth, smooth, smooth, without foreign inclusions
Viscosity according to the instrument, the viscometer VZ-246 at a temperature of 20 degrees 80-160 with
Fraction of solids 75%
The adhesion of the coating 1 b
Full drying time of the enamel at a temperature of 20 degrees 30 minutes
The brightness factor 70%
TightSt material 1.4 g/sq cm
the degree of grinding 70 µm
The light fastness of the coating 8 hours
Resistance to action of water to the action of sodium chloride solution / to the action of petrol 72 hours / 72 hours / 20 minutes.
Consumption 350 g/m2


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