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Technical salt

In "chemical rich" you can buy industrial salt, with prompt delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia, but also in States abroad. We guarantee the high quality of this versatile reagent, which can be ordered in any wholesale or retail party. We present to concentrate the mineral halite, as well as industrial salt in a convenient packing in bags 25 and 50 kg.

The price of industrial salt available that provides high efficiency when used as a universal reagent.

The price of industrial salt

Technical salt (20 kg bags) of 500 kg
Technical salt (bag 20 kg) to 500 kg

7,56 RUB/kg
8,28 RUB/kg


Technical salt (20 kg bag) with protivozmeinaya additive from 500 kg
Technical salt (20 kg bag) with protivozmeinaya Supplement up to 500 kg

8,76 RUB/kg
Of 9.48 RUB/kg


Calcium chloride 25kg/mesh., from 500 kg
Calcium chloride 25kg/mesh., up to 500 kg

39,60 rbl./kg
42,90 RUB/kg


Mineral concentrate "Galit", type s - RUSSEL, grade 1, in big bags 1 ton
Mineral concentrate "Galit", type s - RUSSEL, grade 1, with protivozmeinaya Supplement in big bags 1 ton

5,30 RUB/kg
6,50 RUB/kg


lkali grade A" width="32%" /> Соль техническая Уралкалий марка А Соль техническая Уралкалий марка А

Соль техническая Руссоль Марка С Соль техническая Руссоль Марка С Соль техническая Руссоль Марка С

Properties of technical salt

Technical salt is a concentrated mineral natural origin. This reagent is so universal that without it difficult to imagine the life of modern man. Extracted mineral in special mines, and at the bottom of the salt caves, and the properties and characteristics of the reagent can quite significantly differ depending on the technical conditions.

The main technical properties of salt include the following characteristics:

  • As part of the technical salt of the highest grade is 97% sodium chloride, salt first grade is 90% and second class at least 80% of sodium chloride.
  • Mineral color is white, but in some fields assume a grayish or yellowish tint due to the small percent of impurities.
  • Technical salt has no smell.
  • Reagent and environmentally safe, has no toxic action.
  • Technical salt is resistant to freezing temperatures and begins to crystallize only at temperatures in excess of ° C and 100°.

Where can be applied for technical salt?

Industrial salt with different characteristics is used in many industrial sectors – food, chemical and light industry, in steel production, in boilers to improve the softness of the water.

One common way of application is associated with the ability of technical salt to deal with ice. The price of industrial salt is very affordable and this makes it an attractive material for utilities that are actively using this eco-friendly natural material as an effective winter reagent.

The cost of technical salt "rich kemikl"

We can buy industrial salt – mineral concentrate Galit different brands. In particular, there is grade A (highest grade) and grade "C" (second grade), which is the lowest value and can successfully be used in the winter to increase safety on the roads and sidewalks.

The price of industrial salt is halite also depends on the quantity. We provide nice discounts to wholesale buyers, who ordered the reagent is a large party of over 10 tons. Buy high quality industrial salt can be in retail.

To place an order for the reagent, call our sales or leave your information in the form of feedback.

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