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Technical salt, halite


"Chemical rich" offers to the enterprises of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia different types of high-quality blends, including technical salt, halite. This chemical is widespread in various sectors of the national economy. The popularity of salt is due to its high efficiency, ease of use and affordable price.

The price of industrial salt halite

Mineral concentrate "halite", the brand AND the COMPANY in MD
5,30 RUB/kg
Mineral concentrate "Galit", type s - RUSSEL, grade 1, in big bags 1 ton
4,60 RUB/kg

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The main characteristics of the reagent and its scope

Technical salt halite is a concentrate that has a natural origin. The main chemical element of salt is the chloride of sodium. Its varieties are the chlorides of calcium and magnesium. At present, the reagent is actively used:

  • in the main heating systems and boilers to reduce water hardness and descaling equipment;
  • the plants of the chemical industry and in manufacturing plants for the preparation of drilling solutions, chlorine and caustic soda.

Wide dissemination of technical salt halite received in the Russian road sector. Its use allows to effectively destroy the ice and snow, eliminating the threat of glaciation in the city streets.

Advantages of cooperation with "rich kemikl"

In its activities our company focuses on the latest industry trends, using the latest production equipment. This approach allows us to offer consumers efficient reagents of high quality. Among other benefits our clients:

  • the opportunity to buy technical salt halite at economically reasonable cost, without a mediator;
  • the presence of extensive distribution network, which makes the reagents available to customers from other localities of the country.

How to apply for the purchase of reagents?

To buy technical salt halite in the "chemical rich" enough to contact the representative of the company a convenient way for you. An experienced specialist will give a complete explanation for any questions related to the purchase of the reagent or other proposed products. Quickly place your order for delivery the required batch of products which will be produced in the shortest possible time.

To contact the employee by phone to the number listed at the top of our website. If you wish, You can make a supply contract directly to the office of the "rich chemical", located in Moscow.

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