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Technical salt in bags 25 kg


In "chemical rich" you can buy technical salt in bags – an inexpensive universal reagent that is relevant for households and many modern industries. The product is environmentally friendly, making use of heat networks. Technical salt has a frost – it gives the opportunity to use it as a winter reagent.

The price of industrial salt in bags are very affordable, allowing you to minimize the cost of the reagent and carry out the necessary operations with maximum efficiency.

The price of industrial salt

Calcium chloride 25kg/mesh.
39,00 RUB/kg

Advantages of technical salt

  • Versatility: technical salt in bags – reagent in convenient packing which applied in chemical industry, public utilities, construction, heat networks, water purification and many other industries.
  • The affordable cost makes the choice in favor of technical salt is justified from the point of view of reasonable economy.
  • Environmentally friendly: salt is non-toxic and absolutely safe for human health.
  • Frost resistance: reagent does not change its properties under the action of negative temperatures, without reducing its effectiveness.


  • Construction. The reagent has shown itself as a cheap and effective component in the creation of silica brick. Also a substance used as an integral part of the solution in the creation of cement-sand screed, which increases the speed of its solidification.
  • Boilers and heating systems. Technical salt is widespread as one of the elements of water purification systems.
  • Chemical industry. The reagent used in the manufacture of soda, glass products, paper and many other industrial processes.
  • Utilities. The reagent helps to cope with glaciation and can be used even in extreme cold.

Ordering of technical salt in "rich kemikl"

Technical salt in bags 25 kg and 50 kg, represented by our company – an inexpensive, easy to use reagent. You can place an order for any party of the product – we work with individuals and legal entities and strive for long term cooperation. To wholesale buyers we are ready to provide a flexible discount system that will make the purchase even more profitable.

Technical salt in bags 25 kg are particularly relevant to organizations dominated by women's work – small packaging enables convenient use of salt as a winter reagent on frozen small areas around buildings, on sidewalk paths or the roadway.

If You need technical salt in bags in Moscow, request a call back on the website and our managers will call You to confirm delivery details and calculate the final cost. We guarantee high quality of the reagent and prompt delivery to any region of Russia and neighboring countries.

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