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Super concentrate "Paktol"

Our company offers multifunctional cleaning concentrate designed for cleaning pavements, community facilities and various solid surfaces. Super concentrate "Paktol" is a neutral means of representing an aqueous solution, which includes surface-active substances. High detergency, makes it easy to remove oily, organic contamination. The composition is easily soluble in cold water and has fire properties. Gel-like homogeneous fluid, has a light tone. Convenient packaging in cans from 10 to 20 liters, and if you want to ship in barrels and evrokuby. Multifunctional washing liquid "Paktol" is completely homogeneous has no impurities. The composition is safe for the environment, biratnager. Allowed drain into the city sewers in accordance with Sanship and technical conditions valid for this region. not enter into chemical reaction with deicing agents.

Method of application

Great for washing of road surfaces, sidewalks, bus stop pavilions, barrier fencing. The minimum amount when using a multifunctional detergent "Paktol", allows you to effectively apply technical tools and manual method of surface treatment.

Многофункциональный моющий Супер концентрат «Пактол» Многофункциональный моющий Супер концентрат «Пактол»


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